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A fall from grace is a black american crime movie you will definitely want to watch provided you are into movies with real story lines and not the flavourless, baseless and aggressive shooting films that teem our screens most if these days.
Honestly, when I got the movie, I was a little optimistic given the recency of the movie (it was made in 2020) coupled with the fact that I have had good experiences with black american movies. I mean who wouldn’t get a tinge after watching think like a woman, think like a woman too made by Tim story, Coming to America, I can do bad all by myself which starred Taraji P Henson, Kevin Hart’s guide to black history just to name a few. But then, of course I had to watch this movie without any form of prejudice else my judgement might be tainted.
Basically, the movie follows the infamous stories of how lonely middle aged women who had been through divorce are susceptible to been coned and framed by dubious humans on this planet.

The protagonist of the movie, Grace Waters, played by Crystal Fox, is filled with bitterness for her ex husband since he appears to be getting more from life than her. Fortunately, Grace is not the type to take her bitterness out on people. However, this bitterness and loneliness led her through series of mentally distressing and painful turmoil in the hands of a double faced con artist which left her in the hands of ‘the worse of the worst’ public defender lawyer to argue her case. If you had been in a terrible place, so terrible you were accused of murder, as Grace Waters is, after been hit by a con artist, you will know how unpalatable and wreaking this experience can be psychologically.

On a deeper level, the movie shows (as we have been seeing in various other movies) how public opinion can be misleadingly wrong and the danger elderlies are exposed to when trusted with caretakers.
Be careful not to jump to conclusion though. The movie does not end with the imaginary happy ending you may be cooking up in your imaginative head.
A fall from grace is a Tyler Perry movie set in the state of Virginia, USA. Its has Crystal Fox acting as Grace, Phylicia Rashad as Sarah, Bresha Webb as Jasmine, Tyler Perry himself as Rory, Donovan Christie Jr. as Donnie etc.
I give the movie a rating if 6/10 for telling a story so finely and logically in a way that is not only relatable but also emotional.
Trust me, this movie won’t be a waste of your time.
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