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By Komolafe Olaleye and Roland Bayode_

Indeed, many questions yearning for answers have continued to dominate the airspace as regards the prevalent cum ugly state of the entity called Nigeria. The entirety of the ensuing controversies are regrettably not unconnected to the fact that Nigeria, a country whose autonomy was granted over 60 years ago is still behind in the race to make life comfortable for her tiring citizens.

As the nation continues to struggle in all ramifications, the outcries renting the airspace by Nigerians in Nigeria and even beyond has continue to get consistently heightened, thus exposing and reposing the faults of the setbacks on the tables of government functionaries who have wantonly failed in instilling the needed changes that would have returned the nation to her glory days.

Pathetically, many Nigerians have continue to wallow in desperate poverty occasioned by the persistent downturns in the country.

Regrettably, the invasion of the lingering corona virus pandemic has further deteriorated the survival of the common masses as it has overtly birthed the epidemic of hunger in the country. No wonder, the country is termed the poverty headquarters of the World.

Regrettably, Nigerians in Nigeria have terrible stories and experiences to narrate as regards their survival in a nation characterized by economic hardship occasioned by delay in the payment of workers salaries, persistent hike in the prices of necessities, anti-humane polices of government, name it.

For the sake of reminiscence, it will be recalled that prior to 2015 general elections, Nigerians were desperate for a substantial change in the destiny of this country and thus entrusted their indelible mandates on President Muhammadu Buhari of the APC following his palpable pledge to turn the country’s fortune around.

Is it not ludicrous that the emergence of a man who advocated change couldn’t bring forth the desirable changes many Nigerians have clamored for. It is indeed a nightmare for Nigerians to see situations worsened under the nose of the President whose emergence has installed and reinstalled hope to many.

Rather than having progression, the nation is embattled by retrogression. It is now obviously obvious, even to the blindfolded that the government of the day has no talismanic wand to revamp the country and this is not unconnected to the fact that the president has saddled himself with deadwoods risen from oblivions with little or nothing new to offer. Is it not justifiable now to say the nation is moving from frypan to fire? Register the answer in your mind.

For Joseph Dadung, a resident of Ibadan while lamenting his dissatisfaction with the current state of the nation narrated how the unfavorable atmosphere of the nation has reduced him to depending on small scale farming as a source of livelihood despite being a first class graduate of Chemical sciences.

He said, “If someone told me I would end up with a job like this after spending four years at the university, I would probably have cursed them. “I applied for jobs almost everywhere, sent my CV to families and friends who requested for it but all to no avail, I have to subscribe to small scale farming just for the sake of daily survival”.

When Joseph was asked to highlight the changes he yearned for as far the destiny of the country is concerned, he disclosed that the only change that can revitalize the unpleasant atmosphere of the country is that the government devises measures to totally eradicate the overwhelming unemployment and under-employment in the country.

A resident of Ondo State, Oluwatosin Akinyele opines that for we to know the true change we really want, there’s a need for us to sit down ponder and eradicate every primitive thinking.

According to him “Majority of our state inhabitants, Nigerians, are nothing more but hypocrites.”

He added… “Nigerians clamour for changes and exhibit grievance by protesting the bad leadership of the country which is the major issue we are facing. But what happens on the election day ? They suddenly forget what has transpired and the suffering they’ve been subjected to, they give in to tokens of N2000 in exchange of 4 years leadership. If all this could be precluded with us wising up to elect good leaders and not the mediocres to public office, then the change we desire will make way to us”.

Abigael Ajisafe from Lagos state believes there are diverse areas that needs changes like health sector, education and others…

According to her, “Our Government need to improve citizens lives by ensuring that we are all safe,secured and poverty is eliminated if not totally,at least to the minimum level”.

She believes the issue of unemployment can be curbed if the Government focus more on the Agricultural sector instead of crude oil and importation of foreign goods.

As regards the education sector, she opines that conducive environment for learning and qualified teachers is a key to help the Nigeria students,meanwhile, Government should also invest much in the health care by building, equipping hospitals and employing qualified Medical workers.

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