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By Oluwafemi Wale

These signs and clues will be based on experience and not just about hearsay, I’ve
been noting myself and other people’s behaviors for quiet a while, so as to learn
more about the signs men and women portrays while they cheat on their partners.
So, I’ll be putting together some hints and signs to look out for, so as to figure out
if he or she is unfaithful to you. But note, these signs and clues may not be 100%
correct, so be really careful and patient before you jump into any hasty conclusions.

    Number one sign to unravel his or her unfaithfulness to you in a relationship are
    the lies they tell you. It’s really not too hard to figure out if your partner is cheating
    on you, unless you are turning a blind eye to it. Cheating and lying are like Tom and
    Jerry, they are inseparable, your partner cannot cheat on you without lying, it’s one
    of the most certain things in the world, pitch together two of his or her lies and
    they’ll be pointing to the unfaithfulness. “If your partner is in Abuja, they’ll tell you
    they are in Zamfara or Adamawa. Why would a partner who’s not cheating lie
    about their location frequently? (don’t be deceived, there’s another person they
    are spending time with) One of my ex around 2017 would lie about her location
    almost all the time. Whenever I asked her on the phone “Damola, where are
    you?” my babe will be like “errrrm, errrrrm I’m with my friend in Akungba, Ikare,
    Ipaja, yen yen yen” and I’ll be like “Ahn ahn but your friend Dupe, said that you’re
    in Akure” my babe will just tell another lie to cover the other lie.” Stay calm and
    look out for their lies, you’ll be amazed.
    Another subtle sign to look out for in a relationship is the pattern of your partner’s
    calls and messages, if your partner misses too much of your calls and it happens
    almost all the time or frequently, my dear, there’s a big chance they are cheating
    on you. Most time, they’ll be like “babe, I’m sorry I missed your calls, mom sent
    me to the market to buy some vegetables” (vegetable kor, weed ni), the phone
    was inside the room and I was outside, that was why I couldn’t pick your calls
    (yinmu for them, it’s all a lie, don’t be fooled, they are probably with their other
    partner, doing the errrrm,• make I no talk am• while their phone is on silent). I
    had a girlfriend like that in the past, she wouldn’t pick her boyfriend’s calls
    whenever she’s with me, she’ll then sneak into the bathroom or go outside to call
    the idiot back to give him stupid excuses, my babe thought I didn’t know about
    her little games (huh, ode), I knew and I ditched her lying ass when I was done
    screwing her honeypot.
    If an unknown number keeps calling him or her, texting or sending them messages
    on WhatsApp almost every morning and evening, while they find it really difficult
    to pick up their calls while you’re there or when they pick up their calls they can
    only reply with one or two words like “OK, YES, NO, LATER, ALRIGHT, etc” (my dear,
    watch out) something is fishy. Around December 2018, my babe Gloria came to
    spend two weeks with me and my side chick kept on calling me (I saved her
    number as Mummy Tope 😂) “na so my babe tell me say make I pick my aunty call
    na, I just dey tell her say make she no mind her say she wan ask me for some
    money ni) all was a lie, I was only covering my tracks “them no born me well pick
    Again, if your partner’s phone calls, text messages and WhatsApp are really clean
    with no calls or messages at all from the opposite sex, there’s a big chance they
    are trying to cover up to look saint, everyone will always have a crush or a toaster
    at one point in time.
    A cheating partner will always find one excuse or the other to stop you from having
    sex or any kind of romance with them often or frequently or totally put a stop to it.
    Your partner who enjoys maybe three rounds of sex with you maybe per week now
    finds it really difficult to have sex with you just once in two weeks while giving you
    flimsy excuses like “I’m busy, I’m not in the mood, I’m sick, I’m on period, pastor
    said this, bla bla bla”. Be rest assured, they are giving that Honey Pot or your Sweet
    Preeq to another person. I had a girlfriend sometime in 2016 that I wasn’t really
    feeling no more but one way or the other, I couldn’t breakup with her.
    So, I was having another girl like that whom I was enjoying some time with.
    “Whenever my babe come, to fuck her one time lasan go dey do me somehow, if
    she ask me what’s up, I go just tell am say, babe I’m weak, bla bla bla (yinmu,
    weak nibo? I no wan over stress myself ni, because my new madam dey expect
    me) babe will feel bad but nothing wey I fit do”. Karma is a bitch , in 2018 I
    received my fair share, I had this babe whom I love so much, 8 months into the
    By Oluwafemi Wale Savage
    By Oluwafemi Wale
    relationship, we were having it all good romantically and sex was great too but
    all of a sudden, my babe was less interested in having any intimacy with me, I
    later found out that my babe was giving it hot hot to one guy for her school, “omo
    cry wire my head ehn”. If your partner decreases or stop having intimate time with
    you without any important or genuine reason, then there is a high chance that they
    are cheating on you, Watch Out dear.
    This is another major factor that may decide if your partner is cheating or you or
    not. If you have nothing to hide, why bother if your partner gives you a surprise
    visit sometimes? Perhaps, they don’t want to be caught unexpectedly. Around
    2017, I had a friend (Abdulraheem Hammed, my guy na confirm cheater, any babe
    wey him just catch, him first rule na “hey babe, I hate people visiting me
    unexpectedly, if you want to visit me, call me first” my guy fit carry 3 different
    babes sleep inside one week and one no go meet the other. ah my sharp guy.
    One of them girls was stubborn, she came one time without informing my dear
    Ahmed and fortunately, she met no girl but funningly, my guy still vex for the
    babe o, he send am go back. I was shocked, Ahmed na crazy principled guy o.)
    Don’t be deceived by antics, your guy or girl is a chronic cheater if they do tell you
    not to visit them unannounced.
    Why would your partner change your name often on their phone when it’s not a
    baby’s diaper? If today, your name is William Boo, tommorow it’s Williamsco and
    next tomorrow it’s WillyBoo, be rest assured, something is cooking, they are most
    likely seeing someone else. Some partners will deliberately change your name to
    something nice whenever they knows you’ll be around them, most of it is part of
    the play and don’t get carried away, when you are gone, they’ll change it to
    something else, if you want to be really sure, ask someone you trust to check their
    phones whenever you are not with them and you may be shocked. I had this kind
    of experience couple months ago (a close friend, Kumuyi Aanu was dating this
    yellow babe, her name na Blessing for my compound and he was getting all the
    goosebumps about her because the babe save him number with “My Love” my
    man don get carried away but not me, I no dey fall for that kind thing, one time

    my guy just travel go him home town o. Next day, Blessing come charge her phone
    for my side because I on Gen, I just sneak check my guy babe phone o (I be
    Amebo), guess wetin them Don change my guy name to? “FishMan” I laff for
    like 2mins, na so I just screenshot send for my phone and delete the message for
    her phone). On the third day, my guy came back from him village, na so I just show
    am with laugh, he pause for like 15mins with red eye, he no chop throughout
    the day, next day hunger wire my guy head, nobody beg am chop.
    So, whenever they change your names on their phone, they are playing some
    games. No loose Guard
    If you have a partner and you’re sure he or she doesn’t have an uncle or a
    sister or any family member or friends who sends them money, and he or she
    has been spending, flaunting money and materials around while she doesn’t
    work or have a little income, there’s every chance that he or she might be
    getting bankrolled by another guy or another girl, (I know you might be
    thinking about how a girl will be giving a guy money to buy things or pay
    bills, “see e dey happen wella, make I gist you; my guy Temidayo Daniel get
    one babe for Afe Babalola University, her papa get money like mad, and she
    love my guy gan but my guy no too love am like that because he get him
    babe wey him love but you know money dey the side chick hand, she dey
    pay my guy 100k, 80k, sometimes and my guy barely makes more than 50k
    monthly from his DJ job, so no think am babes self dey pay) So, if you’re a
    girl and you see your guy spending so much money while you know his worth
    and income, do some research on him, he might be getting that money from
    his other girlfriend.
    Other notable examples to look out for are:
  7. They trim, shave or wax off their Pubic hairs often 8. They stop respecting
    you, 9. They will request for more money from you, 10. They stop being kind
    to you

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