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A comical overture, Kevin Hart’s guide to black history or guide to black ‘American’ history is a historical Netflix, 2019 variety special documentary movie with spear head narration from the comedian and actor, Kevin Hart.
Starring Kevin Hart, Phillip Friedman, Merrisa HernĂ ndez etc., the movie sings song of untold black heroes from Robert Small, the American civil war hero to Mae Jamison, the first black woman in space and Mattew Henson, the first man on the north pole, arguably in a funny, naughty and dramatic Kevin Hart’s drama style.

The shifting of the story from black slaves escaped slavery, a good example of which is the story of Henry ‘Box’ Brown, a man who went to ingenious length to escape slavery to the astonishing, breath taking feats undertaken by black Americans like the story of Josephine Baker, a 20th century stage performer and allied force spy in France is not only creative but also understanding given the way the movie starts.

The movie however seems to make a purposive, although seemingly unavoidable effort at attention diving  into blacks been underappreciated, sidelined and oppressed with the oppressed race rising to scale the bar of social constraint and prejudice thereby immortalizing one of the main purposes of the movie,’black people should be proud of their heritage’.
If you are into history told in a simple, easy to grasp and comical way, you should watch Kevin Hart’s guide to black history.

The movie got 80% rating from rotten tomatoes.
I give the movie 6 points.

Although the movie attempts to tell history in an easy to understand way, it may only fascinate basic history learners. Re enactment scene setting and costume design isn’t that great either as some characters and scenes end up looking like poorly developed animated characters.
Do you know any other historical movie? Please drop their title in the comment box below.

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