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By Fikesayomi

A queen is born today .
Ifedayo a golden angel
The old one above sorrow
A priceless gold
Laughter, pleasure and gaiety all around
Family, friends and companions abound
Memories to cherish and plenty of reminiscing.
Earth may forget rotating
Earth may forget rotating
Candles May forget melting
Birds may forget flying
Heart may forget beating
But a special you were born will never be forgetting.
Let the God decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching
You with wishes of success, happiness and prosperity
I heartily wish you
A million smile
A hearty laughter
An eternal joy
And a daily dose of humor
For a priceless Queen
So lovely,
So caring,
One in a million.
Millions of greeting,
Thousand of colours
Hundred of cakes
And a lot of smiles
For a priceless gold.
So pretty as a dove, wise as an owl, nice as sweet

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