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Please, this is a highly 18+ content and for matured mind only people.

Chapter One

I’m a Psychology Student, 200L Second semester, I met this fine, curvy, light skinned and extremely looking beautiful girl through a friend from the dept. of BAM (omo, fine babes dey their department o). No time, as a sharp guy, we exchanged contacts, fast forward to a week later, it all started going cozy and frenzy, “babe let’s move this friendship to a closer and a greater level”🥰
she said no, I look like a player, a womanizer, chop and go guy, yen yen yen, bla, bla, bla,.😏 for my mind I was like “shay na today una girls dey talk am?”
So I popped up and said “babe, not every good looking guys are players or womanizers, there are still good guys like me out here looking for good girls like you” (don’t be fooled, I was only trying to sell my bad guy stuffs, and you know what? She’s buying it, just like the other girls before her)
Babe succombed, she gave me a big smile and I was damn happy I’m getting my next babe on campus. I told her I’ll give her a call when I get home and we part ways.

To be continued…

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