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By sammyjoe

I am broken
I am a brazen Dog
I lost everything
Down to my hills
My name fades slowly
My calls faint daily
I am filled with guilt
Being irresponsible to the life-circle
Being disturbed by the sound of creeping creatures
Now my tunnel is dark and blank
Do I have a hope?
I had a rising zeal to put everything to rest,
To remain silent,
To exist in a destroyed place not in existence
To be heard just like Asgard
This was my wish,
But right now,
at the end of the tunnel
I can see a light
Coming towards me
alas, there is hope after all,
am gonna rise,
face my woes and foes
To Win them over,
Not only by defeating them
But also using them as stepping Stones
to my greatness,
And at the end,
I will shout like a bird set free
Feeling fulfilled
Happy like a baby
and not cornered by hitch and flops
Like a foetus in it’s mother’s womb,
I will be who I want to be,
I will be what I want to be.

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