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“…I hope my death makes more cent than my life…”
Joker is the story of a mentally disadvantaged man in a society that does even have time for itself given its present precarious economic situations. With economic indexes going down the slide, the poor citizens of Gotham have enough to deal with daily. This downtrodden economic state leaves many citizens underprivileged. One of such destitute of financial capability is Arthur Fleck later known as joker.
Spanning one hour fifty minutes, Joker was released on August 31, 2019 in Venice on October 4, 2019 in United States turning a profit of over 1billion dollars (firs R-rated movie to do so) for the filmmakers who produced on a budget of 55-70 million dollars according to Wikipedia. Prior to the screening of Joker, there were initial concerns over possible violence from the movie watchers due disturbing scenes in the movie.

Joaquin Phoenix, who played Arthur Fleck, was successful in blending the psycho of joker and the life struggles of Arthur Fleck in a beautiful and magnificent way. This definitely makes Phoenix the diamond on the stud of the movie giving life and delivering joker in an outstanding way. Joker follows a natural logical progression into the making of a villain. From an inpatient of a psychiatrist hospital, to a completely ignored man on the streets of Gotham who has to support his aged mother with his meandering job as a clown joker, it embodies the inner turmoil of a mentally disordered and frustrated man. Caught between two masks, one being the makeup used for his job as a clown and the other being a smiling faced trying-to-be comedian (with only one source of comedy; his life) seeking acceptance among Gotham public, Joker was obviously a troubled person inside. This is evident in the statement made to his mother just before he killed her on the hospital bed. ‘I used to think my life was a tragedy, but now I realise it’s a fucking comedy’. Joker attempts to mirror woes and internal struggles of the less fortunate in the society.

Susceptible to insults and bullies with a station so low in life, joker is a good excuse of a metamorphosed good man to an evil villain.
The movie climaxed with an interview between Arthur Fleck and Murray Franklin; a saucy television presenter who ridiculed Arthur on his show. A bullet into Murray’s head and chest sealed the villainous journey of joker.

Rotten tomatoes gave the movie 68% rating, Metacritic gave it 59% rating and IMDb rated it 8.5/10. I will give it 4/5 rating.

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