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By: Godwin Christopher Obinna aka (UK)

Long ago, there lived a farmer loved by all his sheep and cattle’s. Though he was very lazy and extremely wicked, his livestock loved him regardless.

He does not feed the sheep nor tender the wounds of the donkeys, he made the oxen plow ten-times beyond their strength, he would scrap the woolly skin of the lambs and and make befitting garments for his family.

He lived in a beautiful house built on the rock and sent his wife and kids to the far west where the weather is soothing and refreshing.

One day, an enraging flood broke out from the north, swept across the west and fast approaching the east forcing the farmer’s family back home. The flood became uncontrollable and in no time it had surrounded everywhere including the farmer’s house on the rock and his farmhouse.

The farmer quickly stock up his house with food from the barn and he ordered all his animals be locked in their shelter. The dog to its kennel, the sheep to their pen, the horses to their stable and the goats to their shed.

Several days passed, they were hoping and praying the enraging flood would cease but it kept waxing stronger drowning every animal that strays out of its shelter in search for food.

The animals were starving indoor yet, outdoor seems too dangerous to face while the farmer stayed safe indoor with his family, daily replenishing himself and feeding his family with food from the barn abandoning the livestock in their shelter.

The sheep out of hunger began to bleat loudly, the dogs noisily barks and the horse neighs like never before but the farmer increased the volume of his music indoor and danced on with his family daily having fun while the animals die one after the other not killed by the flood but by hunger.

Fortunately, the flood receded and the farmer stepped out to a shocking surprise… His entire livestock is dead in their shelter.

This is a perfect mirror-reflection of the situation in our nation (Nigeria) in this present global pandemic.

We all fore-saw what was coming before it even drew near but our leaders were selfishly busy preparing for their homes and families, calling back their wives and children from their European hideout and stocking up their barns leaving the common man exposed to the virus infected weather as we go about seeking our daily bread.

When they discovered the rapid growth of the virus through human mobility, they quickly ordered a lockdown and movement restriction without putting an alternative survival plan in place for the laymen.

Oga Senator, yes I agree with you that the virus is deadly but I know you wouldn’t agree that hunger is deadlier because you have never experienced it.

Baba in Aso villa, when you shall step out of your house on the rock after the extinct of this virus, how many of us do you think will remain for you to govern?

Three days into the lockdown, I heard a neighbour lamenting that a pot full of soup was stolen with the stove from her room.

Lives have been taken in Warri not because the people prefer to die in the hands of their own soldiers but it is humiliating to watch your loved ones suffer and starve.

I am sincerely not against not against the lockdown but I’m furiously not in support of the folding of arms by the Federal government. Please make the stay at home sanction less life-tiring for us all.

How I wish some people in authority would stumble on this.
May we all not become Clifford Orji and begin to eat each other at the end of the day.

May God heal our land, bless our nation (Nigeria) and provide for us all until the end of this pandemic.

Stay safe… God is with you

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