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Shun my post if you have concluded that this ravaging outbreak is an end time in disguise. I beg you to discontinue reading if you have close your mind to sense the existence of Corona virus.
Thank you!!!

Some religious propagandists have overtly argued that the wanton outbreak of Corona virus pandemic is a testimony of an imminent end time or rapture.

If the above indeed is the basis for their claim, then permit me to opine that the claim lacks substance and does not hold water in any form.


A good student of history would recall the outbreak of Spanish flu between 1918 to 1920 which killed approximately 50 million people, a quarter of the World’s population then.

Then tell me, if an outbreak was supposed to end the existence of the world, it would have been the *SPANISH FLU* considering the number of fatalities recorded.

As a matter of fact, the World Health Organization termed it the most disastrous pandemic that has bedeviled the soil of mankind and yet, the world survived and continued to exist.

Without mincing words, this lingering global pandemic has positioned religion at the very back seat and science at the forefront.

Don’t bother to argue…. It is very obvious but cannot be realized unless you remove the blindfolds from your eyes.

Have you? If not, please don’t proceed.

A testimony to assert my claim that indeed this pandemic has positioned religion at the back seat is the indefinite lockdown of churches and mosques across the globe. I could never have believed that the mosque of the holy prophet can be shutdown likewise the Vatican church as well as Holy Church of England… History has never recorded that before now.

The outbreak of this novel disease has indeed, undoubtedly left everyone including religious heads with no other alternative than to depend on science as well as scientists to devise a total cure for the disease. Often times, I ponder why we could not look up to religion to unravel the mystery since it is the only sector that is functioning wonderfully well in the country…

*What an opprobrium!!!!!*

This made me reminisce my days as a student of a modrasa (Arabic school) and I had to engage my cleric in a religious discussion.

In the course of this discussion, I asked “What would happen if a Jumat session is not conducted across the globe”

He answered confidently “It is not possible my child and if it occurs, then it means the world will seize to exist”.

What a baloney!!!

It is quite distasteful to realize that extent through which we have chosen to misinterpret and read mischievous meanings to religious beliefs that were imported to us.. We just want to be holier than the pope.

Is it not interesting to realize that none of the countries of which the two religions we obviously practised in Nigeria instigated from has never come out to attribute this lingering global pandemic to end time or rapture.

God cannot just liberate us anymore… He has given us that sense to think deeply..

Conclusively, the outbreak of Corona virus is a threat to the existence of man, just like other forms of disasters… It is naturally natural and m optimistic the world will survive this travail…

Thanks for reading

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  1. Sometimes we shouldn’t mix fact with religion,we’ve seen worse cases,we shouldn’t make an issue out of nothing,… whether the world will come to an end or not is not meant to come up on this kind of issue,we don’t need that at this stage, perhaps you should put your debate into prayers,thank you.

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