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In the wake of the corona virus pandemic that is currently running riot across the length and breath of the country, the time has come for what I can term ” *Citizenry Surveillance”*

You pondering over what it means? Don’t bother

In common parlance, it is a term which bestow unto each and everyone of us the responsibility of keeping close watch on our neighbors.

By virtue of the multiple cases at hand, it has been discovered that people having symptoms of the pandemic tends to show unwillingness in surrendering themselves to the officials of the ministry of health.

It is not their fault though, remember no one wishes to lose his or her freedom

But an adage says If your neighbor is eating a bad worm and you chose not to complain, his cry in the midnight won’t let you sleep

By virtue of this, everyone must take it as a responsibility to monitor our neighbours and report every suspicious cases to the relevant authorities

As the number of recorded cases clocks 224 today with only 27 recoveries, it has now become imperative for all hands to be on deck to avert dealing with over 500 cases in the coming weeks.

This is the best effort we can incorporate as citizens to complement the efforts of the government in containing this heinous scourge that has bedeviled our land

Remember, the safety of our community is a collective responsibility of YOU and I

May God heal our land

Thanks for reading

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  1. In fact uv said it all,we need to be vigilant as citizens,I know this shall pass too

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