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I would repudiate and despise it not be true if anyone would express it to me during my high school days that being beautiful is far from my shinny Jheri curl hairstyle which would always attract ladies or my air max shoe which I would always flaunt with pride in the midst of my classmates as it always ravishes my mind because I was loved whilst other students still hated me and then I was bothered and worried about how to satisfy others to love me at all cost but I failed. So from my short story, I would justify the cliché that says that “the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” Where a beholder can be referred to as someone who gains cognizance of things through the senses meanwhile beauty is the quality present in a thing or person that springs up an intense pleasure.

I had a personal conviction in high school that having materials things is the definition of being beautiful, however, my religion officers made me believe that salvation of soul is the definition of beautiful life whilst campus lifestyle made me believe that light skin chubby lady is the perfect definition of beautiful lady but tribal culture presented it in more unique way with a cliché that says “character is a person jewel” which depicts that anyone without good character and integrity cannot be considered beautiful in Yoruba culture.

Albeit, a certain fraction of populace may devise elements that outline the physical beauty of a person whilst some people may have diverse views owing to the saying that says “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” Mr. South would call his quiet, introvert wife the most beautiful whilst Mr. West would see her as snub with different faults in her looks but to Mr. South she is spotless.

Alas, what it meant to be beautiful may seem to have been used erroneously in the society and different cultures because beauty can be subjective which may make societies have the same opinion, a common opinion to be precise but which cannot be used as a standard for beauty.

Hence, the only real standard for beauty is that it lies in the individual that recognizes it which can be another approach to say. “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”

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