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After relaxing in my office for a while, i invited the girls inside and curiously stared at them.
“good morning sir” they all greeted.
“yea what can i do for you?” i asked with a serious smile.
“we came to introduce ourselves because we believe you don’t know us” one of them replied while i nodded in approval.
“actually we are students of this great department but we graduated last year. Unfortunately the old man you just replaced failed us in his course, forcing us to spend an extra year over it” she summarized with a pleading look.
“OK i now understand because your faces really look very unfamiliar” i said with a soft smile which lit up their faces. They all stared at me hopefully.
“please don’t let us spend another extra year over the course. We wrote the exam and tried our best in it, but we unfortunately missed writing the text because we never got any information about it” she murmured in form of an appeal. I breathed deeply and nodded.
“write down your names on a paper, I’ll see what i can do” i offered like a good man. They all breathed deeply with excitement.
“thank you sir” they chorused while i smiled over the way they kept calling me sir. Of course two of the girls really looked a bit older than I.
They wrote down their names on the paper, dropped it on my table and left happily, but as i made to take a look at the paper, one of the girls showed up again.
“i really forgot to invite to my parents marriage anniversary which is coming up on Sunday” she said, presenting a small invitation card to me. I collected it and read curiously. The names on the card slowly hit my face like a hot slap.
“don’t tell me your father is a former senator?” i asked with disbelief.
“yea i’m his last child” she replied, while a million questions hit my head.
“what the hell is she doing, studying in Nigeria. The old man i just replaced really had some balls to fail this girl. D–n” i breathed as i weighed the girl before me.
“i hope you are coming?, some senior lecturers including the vice chancellor will be there. Take advantage of this invitation. You are a nice man sir” she smiled and left. My face instantly coloured with excitement.
Just like every young man, I was very ambitious, but i equally realised that the more ambitious i got, the more corrupt i became. The invitation really was irresistible but somehow i was very scared over my intentions and the direction i was slowly heading.
I was still battling with my mind when Comfort walked into my office with a warm smile on her face. I instantly recoiled with guilt.
“what do you want?” i asked coldly.
“relax sir” she replied, drew close and sat on an empty chair across my table…..
The d–n girl was now like a silly noisy mosquitoe i couldn’t kill..
To be continued.

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