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“yea i will work on it today, just dress up. We have wasted enough time here already” i coldly answered with guilt, picked up my clothes and dressed up. I couldn’t believe all that happened few minutes ago between Comfort and I were all real.
“seriously sir, you are behaving as if you didn’t enjoy me. You pounded me like a tiger all through the duration of the sex and now you are trying to spoil my mood with your obnoxious behaviour. You have to live with the fact that you cheated on your wife. You are not the first person to do it nor will you be the last. How am i supposed to feel with your behaviour. It’s not as if i’m a w—e or something insignificant” the girl before me complained like an abused lady, sat up on the bed and sighed.
I threw one last look at her, shook my head and left the room without even bothering to say another word to her.
Of course we both were to be blamed for the sin we committed, and my behaviour towards her was very uncalled for. I truly wasn’t thinking straight that minute and i left her all alone as if she wasn’t a human being.
I slowly made my way to Henry’s office, paid my bill and headed out without exchanging much words with my surprised friend who couldn’t understand my changed mood.
However i ran into Comfort once again at the car park. She boldly stood beside my car and coldly stared at me waiting for an apology i wasn’t ready to render.
I ignored her and unlocked my car while she hissed furiously.
“it’s alright sir. I can’t believe you are acting like an uneducated jerk. Don’t i deserve a little respect?. Anyway I know you will come back. You guys always come back” she murmured and left while i gently climbed into my car and headed home with guilt. The bold way Comfort talked to me equally created more fear in my heart. It was very clear, i was now just an ordinary guy to her.
On getting to a quiet street close to my house, I stopped my car, disposed the remaining unused condoms which i forgot disposing at the hotel, cleaned up myself one last time and finally drove home, praying for my eagle eyed wife not to notice anything bad.

My heart throbbed furiously as i got to the entrance door and pressed the door bell. I was so shaken up with guilt and regret. Unlike a boyfriend /girlfriend relationship, being caught cheating by your spouse is something so unforgivable and unforgettable. Your marriage can never remain the same again, no matter how much you try to fix up things. Yea you could be forgiven at the end but the sin will never be forgotten.
My wife opened the door with tears in her eyes. She had a towel tied round her body like someone coming out from the bathroom, but the tears which freely flowed from her eyes alarmed me a lot. My heart froze with fear. My guilty conscience took over my sense of reasoning.
“did she discover that i never attended any meeting?. Was i followed, or did any of her friend catch me with Comfort?” i asked myself without even bothering to ask her the reason for her tears.
“baby” i murmured with fear.
“let me be” she cried.
To be continued.

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