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episode:::: 6

“so how do we go about your friend’s paper. Will you also write for her?” i suddenly asked, fetching out the exam answer papers from the file i held.
“write what?, i don’t understand sir” Comfort asked with astonishment.
“we are here for the exam you missed, are we not?” i asked nervously.
“of we are but you can’t expect me to write the exam here. Can’t you just award marks to us. Did you pay for a hotel room just for me to write an exam i missed?” she protested, while i dropped the papers with embarrassment.
Of course i came for sex but i just didn’t know how to start. She was my student for crying out loud. Yea we somehow looked like age mates but it still didn’t change the fact that i was about selling my dignity for a juicy k—y.
“oh sir you are just dulling me. You are behaving like an old man” she hissed boldly, stood up, took off her top and kicked out her trouser, facing me like a hot stripper. I instantly got aroused over the sight of her juicy body.
I swallowed hard, drew close and grabbed her shoulders furiously. She licked her lips and gently unbuttoned my shirt.
“now you are behaving like a man. You are really so young to be a lecturer, i must confess. How did you get to such position so fast?” she asked like a playmate. I couldn’t even a word. My mouth simply was glued with excitement.
Within seconds, i was totally naked before her.
She drew back, took off her undies and gently dived to the bed.
“come get me” she invited with a cosy smile.
I quickly pulled on a condom and joined her at the bed where she offered a very succulent forbidden fruit to me and i have to be honest. I really enjoyed every bit of it. However not only did she even offer me the fruit, she equally brought out the passion in her to feed me with such undescribable hungry passion.
But one funny thing about the whole affair was that immediately after the deed was over, my eyes opened and I saw that i was shamelessly naked before my student. I couldn’t even look her in the eye.
“i hope you are giving my friend and I an “A” on the course we just took care of?” she asked, caressing my back with her left hand. I felt totally disgusted and ashamed.
Medicine after death. Lol 🙂

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