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episode::: 5

“darling i’m heading back to the school for a staff meeting” i answered, nervously kissing my wife.
“staff meeting? haaa” she breathed and looked at her watch.
“yea it’s just an emergency department meeting. I’ll be back in no time” i answered, kissed her again and headed into my car.

Fifteen minutes later, i was at the hotel, very scared, nervous and shaky. I couldn’t believe i was actually there to cheat on my wife.
I breathed deeply, took another look at the packet of condom i bought on the way, rubbed my face with my palms, alighted from the car with an office file {In which i hid some exam papers} and headed into the massive hotel, my heart furiously pounding.

“my guy i hope you know what you are about doing?. Hmmm i’m against married men like you cheating on their wives. That’s why i’m yet to marry. I have to enjoy every p—y i can get before finally settling down” Henry joked as we shared a drink while waiting for the girls to show up.
Henry and I weren’t exactly close friends but were simply like friends who remembered each other when in need of help. We attended the same college and university but i was lucky to further my education while he stayed back to manage his brother’s hotel.
“yea you are right but i had to rush into marriage out of necessity. What i’m about doing won’t change the strong love i have for my wife. You just need to see the girls i’m talking about. D–n they are super hot and sexy. All you can think of when staring at them is just sex” i poured out with passion while my friend laughed.
“holy me!, I can’t wait to see them” he breathed.
“just wait and see for yourself” i replied with a smile.
Few minutes later, I got a call from Comfort.
“i have arrived at the hotel sir” she informed me. I instantly told her where to meet me.

Henry’s eyes enlarged as he saw Comfort walk towards us minutes after the call.
Comfort really was a beauty to behold. She wore a green top which revealed a fraction of her breasts and a tight fitting trouser which showed off her great waist.
“d–n this chick is going to blow your whistle pretty hard mehn” Henry gasped. I smiled and acted cool.
“good evening sir” she greeted on getting to our table, sat beside me and smiled.
“how about your friend?” i asked curiously.
“i left her behind sir. I think it’s safer without her” she answered, winking at me.
“so which drink will you take?” I asked calmly,
“nothing sir. I’m ok” she answered.
“seriously?” i pushed on.
“yea” she nodded. I shrugged with resignation and winked at Henry who quickly stood up.
“OK then, let’s go and wrap things up” i smiled, stood up and offered her my hand like a gentleman. She grabbed it and stood up while Henry dutifully led us to the room he kept for us. .
“do have a wonderful time” Henry said with a smile on getting to the room, gave me the keys and calmly left us.
I was finally all alone with Comfort inside a hotel room, nervous as ever and about to commit the greatest mistake of my life.
To be continued.

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