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Episode:::: 46

“but i’m just the wrong man to love. I’m married my dear and i can’t divorce my wife for anything. You are a very attractive young lady. I do love everything about you but i just can’t be with you the way you want. All that happened between us in the past was a big mistake which you very well know. Don’t ruin your life for my sake, i beg of you just accept my wife’s help” i appealed solemnly, holding her right hand and sitting beside her. She slowly wiped her tears, breathing deeply.
“i can take anything except subjecting myself under your wife’s scorn. That woman hates me. Didn’t you see the fire in her eyes as she talked to me the last time i was in your house?. I can’t submit myself to her.” she complained, while i closed my eyes for some seconds, clueless on what next to say.
“you shouldn’t blame my wife dear. You know, not every woman would have accepted you the way she did. Please don’t judge her” I appealed quickly, taking a swift look round the empty Compound once again.
“where are your parents?” i finally asked curiously.
“mum went to her shop while dad went to see a friend. They never knew you were going to keep your word and show up” she answered.
“so how about your health?, what’s really wrong?” i asked. She shrugged slowly and looked up at me.
“i don’t just know. My whole body is very weak, plus abdominal pains and loss of apetite. I just came back from the community hospital yesterday” she replied uneasily, while i took another good look at her. She really was a shadow of herself.
I ended up spending close to an hour with her, gave her fifteen thousand naira { $100 }, and equally promised to send more money for her upkeep, since she refused accepting my pleas to return to the city in order to get good healthcare for herself and baby.
“i will only return if you promise to get me an apartment yourself and equally promise that i won’t be subjected under your wife’s control” she demanded, but i just couldn’t do such thing, even though i kind of felt obliged to secretly rent an apartment for her without my wife’s knowledge. The risk was something i couldn’t face. Moreover my future was already messed up and i couldn’t afford upsetting my dear wife.

I finally got home around 4pm without seeing Comfort’s annoying parents and dear me, what a stressful busy day it was. As usual, i told my wife every story that happened, including Comfort’s health condition and some part of my conversation with her. I however never mentioned the complaints Comfort made against her.
“I really do feel for the poor girl but she deserves everything happening to her. She made a bad judgement call by starting an affair with a married man like you. Just the thought of that sucks. Jeez” was all my wife said on the topic.
A week later, i found myself before the school disciplinary panel. Gosh it was one hell of a day. My destiny dangled before my very eyes as i faced Six senior lecturers who were set to prosecute me.
To be continued

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