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EPISODE:::: 45

“i’m so confused right now. You are the only person i just got” i confessed, telling the old man everything about the short meeting i had with my H.O.D and colleagues minutes earlier. He listened with abrupt attention, shaking his head when i was done with my narration.
“you know you shouldn’t have admitted your affair with that lady before your colleagues. Anyway, that’s not the problem. The problem at hand is now how to fix your current situation and save yourself from getting fired. Next time don’t dare admitting anything to anyone. Most times keeping silent in the face of grave situation can make one look like a fool but in reality it saves him his future. You should only open your mouth when queried by the disciplinary panel, Vice chancellor or Senate and i advise you find something better than that c–k and bull story you blew to your colleagues” My father in law said with a deep frown.
“yea i made a mistake. I have been making mistakes since i got this job as a lecturer” i muttered with resignation while he stood up and breathed deeply.
“i will be leaving now but don’t worry, i will try my best to help you out for the sake of my daughter and my good friend, your father” he assured me with a smile.

I really couldn’t concentrate on anything after the old man left me alone. My office suddenly looked like a prison to me. I just felt like an animal in cage. Of course i was definetly in a cage of problems.
By 11:30am, I left my office and headed to Comfort’s village, first stopping at a bank along the way to withdraw some cash. I couldn’t help but imagine the expenses awaiting me at her home. Her parents mentioned something about her being very sick and i knew they would be expecting me to show up with a huge amount of money.
I arrived at Comfort’s house an hour later, very nervous and scared. I took a big risk of coming alone, knowing fully well, how deadly her family could be. They already had dealt me the first blow by embarrassing me before my students and colleagues.
However, as i walked into the compound, after parking my car a distance away. I noticed that the house looked empty, putting my mind a little at ease.
As i headed towards the corridor, i saw Comfort sitting on a bench with both hands on her jaw. She really looked quite sick and old. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
“Comfort” i called out slowly, not believing that the thin and old looking girl before me was the sharp Comfort that shared many wondrous moments with me.
“my God what happened to you?, what are you doing to yourself ?” i asked with great concern. She breathed deeply, looked up and stared at me, shaking her head.
“is this world worth living when the person you love is beyond your grasp or treats you like a shitbag??” she asked me, tears quickly melting her eyes and putting me in a great emotional turmoil.
To be continued.

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