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EPISODE:::: 42


“hey you guys should get out right now” i quickly instructed my students who quickly obeyed while the old man and his wife continued cursing me.
My head of department {H.O.D} soon ran into the office with two more lecturers looking very worried and curious.
D–n, i was totally embarrassed and furious. My secret was now out in the open. My future in the school was now in jeopardy. I clearly abused the school policy by my actions with Comfort.
“what’s happening here?. Please this is a learning institution. Reduce your voices” the H.O.D addressed Comfort’s parents, trying to use his authority to calm them but was unsuccessful.
“learning institution huh?. Isn’t this the same learning institution where this stupid boy of a lecturer impregnated my daughter and abandoned her” the old man screamed while my colleagues all gasped and looked down with shame. I was totally ripped apart and burned. I just didn’t know what to do.
“please sir, you have already done enough damage to me, Let’s get out of here and talk like reasonable people or do you intend to kill me here as well?” i finally mustered courage to propose.
“yes let’s go somewhere and talk” he accepted, grabbing his walking stick from the lecturer that seized it earlier.
I took my car keys, led them out of the office and to my car, quickly driving away and almost running into some curious students who were virtually everywhere having a good time Andes trying to witness all the commotion my rude visitors were creating.
One thing was certain, my days in the school was numbered and i very much knew that i would be facing a disciplinary panel in days to come. A young lecturer like me could easily be used to set a perfect example to other randy lecturers.
I drove to an empty restaurant some kilometers away from the school, parked my car and took them inside the building.
“you know you just caused me my job. You probably think embarrassing me before my students and colleagues was a way of fighting for your daughter’s right but you totally forgot that without a Job i won’t be able to care for her needs as well. By the way, i offered your daughter a good accommodation and a decent monthly allowance but she turned down everything, disappeared and turned off her phones. I can’t believe you guys came out all the way from the village to ruin my life” I addressed them, trying to shift the blame from myself. Comfort’s mother nodded and calmly addressed me for the first time.
“we know about the accommodation, allowance and everything, but allowing your wife dictate things for my daughter very coldly was way too much an insult. Anyway Comfort has been sick since then. She couldn’t even make it to the Nysc camp which opened days ago. We are simply living with a wasted daughter who you abused. I feel like killing you” she poured out with tears in her eyes. I breathed deeply and shook my head.
There was any doubt i had a strong case at hand and my future on the brink of collapsing before my very eyes.
To be continued.
yepa see gobe
Oh my God

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