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Episode ::41

Comfort seriously kept her word and stayed away from my life, vanishing into thin air as if she never existed in the first place. Her phone numbers equally remained switched off from the evening my wife last tried speaking to her {after the little fight we had at my office}. A situation that got me worried but as a young man, i threw everything concerning her to the back of my mind and faced my busy life, sharing every spare moment i got with my wife.
On the 14th of February, few weeks later. My wife shared a very wonderful news to me.
“i’m pregnant darling and i have strong faith in this pregnancy. Just hold me tight and kiss me” she announced as we opened the wrapped valentine gifts we bought for each other.
I stared at her with joy, too stunned to say a word while she nodded with excitement.
“ain’t you going to kiss me?” she asked with a smile.
“oh my love” i breathed, flinging the gifts aside and grabbing her with joy.
“i will take extra precaution with this one. Have no fear dearest” she whispered into my ear after the super kiss we shared, biting my ear at the same time.
“oh my love” i muttered again and again. Only God knew how happy and filled up i was over the joyful news. There was nothing else i wanted than to have a child with her. I surely was a very happy man from moment.
Unfortunately the devil once again reared up its ugly head to spoil things for me.
Exactly one week later, Comfort’s parents showed at my office in the peak of school activities to embarrass and deal with me for turning my back on their daughter. Not only did they come to embarrass me in my office, they came very prepared with enough noise and commotion that attracted the whole science faculty and disrupted school activities.
“so you think you can insult my family with your presence last year and then turn your back on my daughter” Comfort’s father screamed at me as he barged into my office with his wife, two young men and an elderly lecturer.
I was busy attending to some final year students in my office when the old man came in shouting and cursing.
Before i could even utter a word, he drew closer and hit me on the head with his walking stick, shocking me with the terrible assault.
“choi!!!” the students with me screamed with shock while the lecturer that led him to my office quickly grabbed the stick as he raised it for the second time.
To be continued.

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