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Episode:::: 40

“you slapped me. You just slapped me” she cried, wiping out blood from her nose. I swallowed hard with despair, breathing deeply. Of course I regretted slapping her. She was a woman. D–n.
“you know what?, I don’t need your money. I don’t need your help and i don’t need you in my life. You and your wife should go to hell” she screamed, forcing me to quickly cover her mouth with my left hand.
“maybe we should talk outside. Let’s get out of here please” i suggested, trying hard to avoid creating a scene with her in my office. She pushed me away and shook her head.
“no there is nothing to talk about. You already see me as a home spoiler while your wife sees me as a gold digger. No one cares about my feelings. I’m just a wild animal to you guys. I’m leaving, enjoy your life” she poured out and turned to leave. I quickly grabbed her left hand and stared at her suspiciously.
“what are you trying to do Comfort?” i asked,
“let go of me. I’m serious, I don’t need your cursed money” she hissed, broke free from my grasp and headed to the door.
I had the urge to go after her but on a second thought, i Let her leave even though i was greatly worried over her plans.
I couldn’t deny that i needed her to be under my protection and nose because of the baby she was expecting which somehow might appear insane to you guys reading this story since i had always appeared not to be interested in her pregnancy. I do believe in the ideology of keeping friends close and enemies closer.

I got home later in the evening and narrated all that happened between Comfort and I to my wife who was greatly surprised over the news. She even tried calling Comfort on phone but was unable to reach her.
“her phone is now switched off after ringing twice. I guess she’s very serious about not needing our support anymore” my wife said with resignation.
“so what do you think?” i asked.
“well i think your girlfriend has a very good counter-plan to use against us. I believe she will be back, that i know for sure” she replied seriously, leaving me worried and overly anxious…….
I didn’t know what to expect next.
To be continued.

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