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Episode:::: 4

“you girls should stand up” i breathed calmly. They all obeyed and stared at me hopefully.
“write down your phone numbers on this paper, i will call when i make up my mind” i added, pushing a booklet towards them. They smiled happily, wrote down their phone numbers and left while i sat down and thought over what i was about doing.
I weighed the risks and consequences of sleeping with them. It definitely would turn me into a cheat and something like that never easily stops once it starts. And if things go wrong, i could lose my job. I could lose my wife, my dignity and respect. I could lose everything i had struggled to build. But surprisingly, the more i thought about it, the more i had the urge to sleep with the girls.
I really never had the opportunity to enjoy girls as i wanted during my university days because i was very much preoccupied in making a 1st class which i finally earned to the detriment of my social life. I never had real fun in school and it just looked that moment as if i was being offered all i missed as a student.

I never concentrated in the exams i supervised that day, and on getting home later in the afternoon, i freshened up and thought about everything for the last time. I finally made up my mind to do it.
“this will be the first and last” i assured myself, picked up my phone and called a friend who managed a very popular hotel at the outskirt of the town.
“get a room ready for me, i’m bringing some students over. I’ll explain when i get there” i said and hung up, giving him no time to say anything. I equally dialled Comfort’s number, gave her the hotel address and asked her to meet me there with her friend by 4pm.
I freshened up one more time, grabbed my keys and hurried out of my apartment, but as i got to the car park, i saw my wife driving in with a happy smile on her face. I really wasn’t expecting her to be back from work by that hour because she always arrived home very late in the evening, and so i wasn’t prepared to face her nor had any solid lie at hand.
Right from the moment i started my teaching job in the university, she hardly gave me any breathing chance. Of course she was a professor’s daughter and must have learnt some things from her parents.
I smiled nervously as i watched her alight from the car. She drew close and hugged me.
“where are you going?” she asked with concern but my guilty conscience interpreted her concern as suspicion.
Hmmm one other thing about guilt is that it always tells on you.
To be continued.

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