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episode::::: 39

“i guess i have no choice than to accept your terms. You already got everything well planned out” Comfort murmured with resignation as she exchanged phone numbers with my wife.
She thereafter left five minutes later, but not after politely declining staying for dinner even though my wife was almost forceful with the invitation. As soon as she left, i faced my wife with a worried look.
“Jessica dear, hmmm i don’t know but you kind of surprised me with your actions this evening. Couldn’t you have let me into your plans rather than surprising me with it?” i asked curiously. She shrugged and scoffed.
“you are expecting me to apologize right?. Fine i’m so sorry darling” she said a bit coldly before heading to the kitchen. I followed her to the kitchen with a mind filled with many unsaid words but i couldn’t just tell her my mind due to many reasons which you guys equally know.
She however turned on noticing my presence and stared at me curiously.
“are you okay?” she asked,
“yea of course” i answered, forcing out a smile. She drew forward and held my waist.
“i’ll get the apartment for her myself. I will equally do the furnishing myself. I seriously won’t like you to have any form of contact with that girl. At least until after she puts to bed. Trust me, i’m going to run a DNA test on the baby as well. I don’t trust that girl one bit” she said seriously while i shrugged with resignation.
“fine do whatever pleases you with her” i accepted and kissed her forehead, but deep down i kind of felt she was only going to injure herself further by trying to get more involved with comfort who i very much knew to be an aggressive go getter.

Two days later, i barely had relaxed in my office as i resumed work for the new year when Comfort barged in looking very mean and serious. At first i froze with surprise on seeing her before quickly regaining my composure.
“what are you doing here?. Didn’t my wife ask you to stay away from me. You are no longer a student in this school and i demand you leave my office right away” i barked without even caring to know why she was at my office.
“i never knew your wife controls you. Just look at yourself shaking like a chicken. My wife said this, my wife said that. Where was she when we were f—–g each other??. Yea i’m no longer a student and you are no longer my lecturer, so i can tell you anything i feel like without fear” she poured out rudely, raising up her tone with each word and sending me on my feet with the insults that flew out of her mouth.
“i beg of you, keep your voice down” i begged, drawing close to her but instead of complying, she eyed me and continued.
“you can let your wife dictate things for you but she can’t do the same to me. I never knew you are a chicken. You just watched as she tore me apart in your home without doing anything” she fired on, leaving me with no choice than to slap her with such a force that drew out blood from her nose.
“oh my God” she cried.
To be continued

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