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Episode::::: 37

Two days later, my wife woke me from sleep with a very worried look on her face. I lazily rubbed my eyes before sitting up on the bed.
“what’s wrong my dear?, why did you turn on the lights?. It’s still 4am” i asked curiously, taking a quick look at the table clock few steps away. She breathed deeply and folded her hands.
“i’m sorry for waking you but i just was unable to sleep. I’m really worried over many things” she complained seriously. To be sincere, i really wasn’t ready for her drama that morning but just to make her feel at ease, i drew forward and pecked her.
“what if i end up not bearing you children, what happens to our home and love?” she asked while i breathed deeply and shrugged. Her question was really unexpected and i had no clue whatsoever on how to answer it.
“maybe God has a reason for allowing that young girl get pregnant for you.” she added slowly, making me very uncomfortable with her words.
“what if she gives you a male child and you turn your back on him only to end up not getting any child from me?” she asked.
“oh dear me, you are too young to be saying all this s–t. How many months have we been married to each other. Please this topic is making me totally uncomfortable, let’s sleep. I beg of you” i said with a controlled tone.
“you really don’t understand. You don’t just get it” she added slowly, forcing out my temper which i quickly controlled by biting my lips.
No matter how much you love a woman or no matter how loyal, respectful and loving a woman is. There comes a time when she acts like a kid, bringing up emotional or annoying topics for no just reason or perhaps to score a point which totally is quite unnecessary. Yea i knew she was still emotionally insecure but waking me up by that time of the day to bring up such topic was really really annoying. I couldn’t display my anger because marriage is all about tolerance.
“i will like to have a talk with that girl carrying your child” she suddenly added, shocking me with her demand .
“what!, you mean Comfort?” i asked with shock.
“i think it’s a bad idea my love” i quickly added.
“no on the contrary i think it’s a good idea. I have every right to know the lady carrying my husband’s child. The last time she was here, i was so disorganised by her presence that i couldn’t study her appropriately” she persisted.
“okay ooo, i’ll call her later in the day and check if she’s in town, so can we sleep now?” i seriously said, forcing out a smile. She breathed deeply and nodded.

However, as we had breakfast later in the morning, she brought up her request again, leaving me with no choice than to call and invite comfort to our house. Just like i expected, Comfort was in town and quickly accepted my invitation without hesitation, promising to show up at my house by 4pm that fateful day.
I just didn’t understand my wife nor the motive behind such an unusual request.
Hmmmm sometimes women can be quite unreadable.
To be continued.

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