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Episode;::: 36

After breakfast the next day, I took my wife out for shopping. We spent almost all day moving from one shop to another, buying almost everything that caught her interest. Later in the evening, I took her to a quiet hotel downtown for swimming, something i haven’t done with her in a long time.
Of course she was totally stunned and overly happy with my show of affection, and truly i must confess that not only did we have a very wonderful time swimming together, it equally gave me the opportunity to realise and reflect on the fun i had denied our marriage prior to that moment.
Yea just like most couples, our marriage used to be very uneventful and affectionate. We spent the weekdays working, and weekends resting without any form of recreation apart from the nights we had the normal marital sex. We hardly went shopped together nor spent an evening in a beach or hotel and then when Comfort finally showed up in my life, the little attention i was paying my wife slowly fizzled out without me even realising it.
“oh baby, today is simply the best day of my life” she smiled as we swam out of the pool together by 6pm that fateful day. I licked my lips, grabbed my phone and faced her.
“what are you trying to do?” she asked, hiding her face with her hands.
“c’mon are you shy or what?, abeg give me a superb pose jor, or don’t you want my facebook friends to see your great curves?” i asked jokingly. She gasped, rushed forward and grabbed the phone.
“you want to post my naked pictures on facebook?. You must be crazy” she barked playfully. I grabbed her from behind and lifted her up.
“I don’t know much about clubbing, neither do you. So how about we club tonight?” i asked, leaving her staring at me with great surprise.
“noooo” she breathed,
“yes” i smiled,
“hmmmm i don’t know” she shrugged with hesitation.

we finally wrapped up the great day, with an awesome night at a hotel Club. It was such a bright moment for us. Oh i can never forget the kiss we shared as we danced together.
“seriously i’m so breathless with happiness. I haven’t experienced such eventful moments all at once In my short life. Thank you very much. I just wish you will continue giving me this kind of awesome treat” she said with tears of joy in her eyes as we drove home by 3am the next day.

I was delighted i finally got my wife back, but yet i still had a tough job of winning back her full love.
There is nothing half as bad as a broken home. I wasn’t raised in a broken home and i won’t be the person to start it in my blood-line by raising my kids in such home, but then no matter my ideology and feelings, i still had no perfect solution for Comfort’s Child who unfortunately was said to be mine as well. In the end the innocent baby would end up suffering the most in everything.
I just wished i could turn back the hands of time, live a scandal free life, raise three kids and grow old so happily. But that’s life. Nothing on earth is perfect.
To be continued.

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