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Our first new year night in the city was simply magical. Even though we were very tired after a long journey from home, we wasted no time in tearing each other apart.
After having a quick shower very late that fateful night, we laid beside each other, totally naked and happy.
“you know we still have a lot to talk, now we are finally together in our home” my dear wife said seriously to me. I smiled and kissed her softly.
“i know dear, but that will wait because i want to make love to Mrs Caleb. I want to make Love to my precious Jewel” i said sweetly. She rolled her eyes and smiled. I quickly grabbed her and hmmmm a lot happened.
Oh yeah the passion and way in which we made love that fateful night, spoke volumes on how much we missed each other.
I started the whole show from her breasts, kneading the two m—-s, tormenting the n—–s as i took one of the extended tips into my mouth. The inflamed bud was overly animated and with ease i had her squirming.
I Nuzzled to her other b—-t, teasing and laving it, until she was overly aroused. I continued on, to her stomach, to her navel and down.
Burrowing into her mons, i tickled and licked her belly, my fingers fondling her privates. She spread her legs for me, granting me great access to go on with my exploration. I was so wild for her, delving and probing, spurring her to a savage precipice.
I kissed her inner thigh, then worked up her torso, thoroughly investigating her body until she was afire in every pore.
When our lips finally joined, she seized the advantage, expertly turning me around and sitting on my thigh. She commenced her own journey by caressing my chest, ribs, dallying with my n—–s until i was in a frenzied state. My pulse pounding furiously.
By now my joystick was adamant and demanding. She obeyed its request with a smile, taking it in her hand and into her mouth. Yea my wife knew how to drive me crazy whenever she puts her mind on it.
With great vigor, she toyed and played with my joystick, stroking my balls while her tongue goaded the incited tip. She grazed and trifled until my sexual juices were oozing with abandon.
“oh dear!” i breathed with excitement, rotating in a swift motion and having her pinned down to the bed once again. I quickly nudged her thighs apart, centered myself while she braced for me to raucously plunge in, but instead i licked my lips, smiled and left my joystick dangling before her.
“tell Me how much you want me dearest?” i demanded breathlessly.
“I love you. I love you. I love youuuuu” she sang with passion. My eyes glittered with delight, I drew back and plunged into her with a single smooth t—-t, quickly embarking on a race to satiation, thumping my hips like the pistons of a gigantic machine.
She wrapped her legs around my waist, locking them behind my back as i reveled in the ecstasy.
“i love you sweetheart. Please don’t break my heart again” she begged as her o—-m promptly overtook her, while i emptied myself inside her with such a force i had never experienced {prior to that moment}.
I was sure she was going to get pregnant once again for me.
To be continued

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