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Episode::::: 32

“c’mon Prof. You shouldn’t be making such statement. What we are supposed to do in this case is to find a peaceful way of helping our children out of this mess” my dad cut in, but my father in law wasn’t ready to listen to anyone.
“i warned your son. I advised him right before he married my daughter that i won’t take any nonsense from him. Just take a critical look at everything happening right now. Your son got another woman pregnant barely a year of marrying my daughter. Isn’t it an insult to my daughter and my family?. Aren’t you ashamed of your son’s action?. Isn’t his action a prove that he never loved my daughter?. We are talking about a marriage barely a year old?. C’mon let’s be realistic, your son probably married my daughter just to boost his career in a job i helped him get. He never loved my daughter and i will see to it that he loses that silly job of his” the old man barked, silencing my father with his words while his wife stared at him with great concern. There wasn’t any doubt he was highly annoyed with me.
“prof we have been friends for a long time huh?. Right from when we worked together at NITEL and we have maintained the relationship till now. Don’t let our children ruin our friendship. Ever since this problem reared up, you have been avoiding me, but please let’s go to your balcony or bedroom and put heads together like men” my father begged calmly. The old man stared at my father for some seconds before shrugging.
“i have always respected you chief. Even though you made a mistake of choosing politics instead of furthering your education” he said humorously, reducing the tension in the room with his words. The two men laughed while i watched on nervously.
“okay let’s go to my bedroom and talk” he finally accepted and slowly led my dad to his room, leaving me all alone with my mother and mother in law.
My mother in law fixed her eyes on me, saying nothing but the venom in her eyes were enough to kill silently. I quickly became very uncomfortable.
“please ma, how about my wife?. Is she in the house?. I’m dying to see her” i begged softly, desperate to get out of the sitting room. She hesitated for some seconds before pointing towards the bedroom.
“she’s In her room” she said carefully. I quickly rose up and headed to my wife’s old room without another word, opening the door without knocking and coming face to face with the poor woman who was sobbing uncontrollably on her bed. I was shocked to see her in that condition.
Of course the whole affair was paining her much more than it was paining me, but instead of stopping her father or returning to me she preferred dying silently with grief.
My eyes quickly melted with tears.
“dearest” i called with a deeply shaken voice.
To be continued.

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