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Episode:::: 27

“the most difficult thing i see in your list of demands is meeting your parents. Am i supposed to meet them?. Do i meet them as what?. An inlaw, your friend or what??” i slowly asked, cutting short her joy.
“don’t worry about that. I’ll will first talk to them before you show up. All i want is just for you to show your face to them” she answered after a little hesitation.
“okay i think this coming Sunday will be free for me. It will be on Sunday then” i announced quietly. Her eyes lit up once again.
“thanks for changing your mind. Thanks for doing the right thing” she said softly, standing up to leave. I quickly looked away and avoided her eyes. She left without another word.
I couldn’t help but think of my own parents that moment. There wasn’t any doubt i needed telling them my story before some else does the task for me. I badly needed their support to pull through my current crises. I was very sure they would stand by my side even though i destroyed the family name with my randy behaviour.
“God help me” i sobbed once again.

I headed home by 4pm after a very difficult work day. One thing about academic work is that no matter your state of mind you must do the work you are paid to do or risk being sanctioned by the head of department whose job could equally be at risk over any unprofessional behaviour from a lecturer under his authority. I had no choice than to struggle with my job even though the state of my mind was far from being normal.
I headed home very hungry, tired and emotionally drained. I was already badly missing my wife. I just didn’t know how to win her back, moreover her father has already threatened me and i knew her mum would probably do more than just threaten me as well. I was thinking about all these as i walked into my apartment which was surprisingly unlocked. I walked in cautiously, thinking perhaps i failed to lock the entrance door as i hurried out earlier in the day but as i got to my bedroom i saw my wife packing up the rest of her things in a big travelling bag.
I was very surprised to see her because she was the last person i expected to see in my apartment, moreover her car wasn’t in the car park.
“gracious me!” i exclaimed, startling her with my outburst. She turned and faced me while i rushed and hugged her, throwing her into another wave of Surprise.
“please don’t go. Don’t leave me. I beg of you” i pleaded with all my heart.
To be continued.

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