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I was still going through my plight, praying, crying and thinking when my phone rang, attracting my attention. I grabbed the phone and sighed on seeing the name of the caller who was no other person than Comfort.
At first i wanted to decline answering her but the priest’s words came ringing back in my head once again.
I breathed heavily, controlled my mood and answered the phone call.
“hello good day, hope i’m not calling at the wrong time?” she asked quietly, her voice devoid of the usual spirit i was used to.
“what do you want?” i asked a bit coldly.
“i think you shouldn’t be asking that sort of question to me. You already know what i want from you” she answered quietly. I bit my lips and closed my eyes.
I surely felt like smashing her head that moment but i just couldn’t, instead was about doing the opposite in order to set things right.
“where are you?” I asked curiously.
“i’m at the school front gate, heading to my lodge” she answered.
“you can come over to my office. We have some things to discuss” i said to her calmly.
“alright, i’m turning around” she replied while i hung up and sighed with resignation.
Fifteen minutes later, she walked into my office looking serious and a bit scared. I silently signalled her to sit on the empty chair before my desk, she sat down and returned my gaze.
“you broke into my life, broke into my home, ruined my marriage, ruined my happiness and my job is equally now on the line. Yet i have no choice than to accept the reality that you have come to stay in life. What a life” i poured out with regret. She simply stared at me, saying no words.
“so what exactly do you need from me. Outline the basic things and don’t try mentioning the impossible” i asked seriously. She shrugged with a shoulder, her eyes all over me with disbelief.
“emm i need money for my ante natal and personal expenses. I need a new accommodation. You already know my hostel rent expires this December and i can’t live comfortably with my parents. Moreover I’m doing my Nysc in this town, so i badly need the accommodation. Finally you need to meet my parents, it’s very Important. It’s not as if i’m asking you to marry me but meeting them is the right thing to do” she listed out while i weighed her demands in my mind.
“alright” i muttered with resignation, leaving her gasping with joy. Her eyes instantly sparkled as she drew forward with wet eyes.
“did you just say alright?” she asked excitedly. I nodded silently while deep down i felt like murdering her.
I simply accepted doing all the things she outlined in a way of correcting my wrongs even though i saw no way it was going to change my situation which undoubtedly was very bad.
“hope it’s the right step?” i wondered over and over..
To be continued.

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