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Episode:::::: 18

That was how my affair with Comfort blossomed into a deadly inferno without any of us getting tired of each other. We virtually had sex in every corner of my apartment with no holds barred. She slowly stole my heart and my attention, drawing me away from my wife without me realising it.
My wife however came home after the two weeks holiday with her mum, expecting lots of love and attention from me, but unfortunately i was unable to live up to her expectation. I couldn’t even spend an hour with her without getting bored, likewise having sex {with her} became a problem. All that was in my mind was Comfort. I always looked forward to a hot blowing sex session with her, thereby neglecting my matrimonial duties and my wife who was still yet to get pregnant for me.
My wife however never complained in the change she noticed in me, thinking that it was perhaps work stress that made me so withdrawn from her without suspecting that i was cheating on our marriage. Slowly i became a professional in the art of lying and deception. I perfectly hid my relationship with Comfort and always had a sweet lie to tell whenever she asked any suspicious question.
Comfort and I carried on with the illicit affair until she graduated four months later, but just as we all know, it’s very hard to eat your cake and have it back.
The situation of things instantly changed as soon as she became a graduate.
I had hoped that our relationship would end with her graduation but unfortunately it was when the main problem popped up.
She told me she was pregnant the day i planned saying goodbye to her, shocking me with the revelation that tore my heart into bits.
“i’m doing you a huge favour dearest. Your wife is yet to conceive but here i’m giving you the greatest news of your life” she summarized with her usual killing smile while i speechlessly stared at her with shock.
To be continued shortly.

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