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Episode:::: 15


My wife and her mother finally left for Abuja very early on Tuesday morning, leaving me all alone in the house. I really felt empty watching them leave but there was nothing i could do than pray for God’s grace and blessings.
I headed to my office later that morning to meet a group of first year students who missed my biology test waiting me. I quickly attended to them, by keeping aside my strict policy and giving them a lengthy assignment in place of the test.
As they left my office fifteen minutes later, Comfort walked in with her usual deceiving smile. I instantly kept a serious face on seeing her while the events of the previous week flashed into my mind. Mrs Nnamdi’s curious stare slowly appeared in head. The image of how she ran into us at a restaurant slowly played in my head.
“what is it again?” i coldly asked Comfort who simply kept smiling with her eyes on me. A situation that made me very uncomfortable, but before i could say another word, a knock landed on my door which slowly opened as the senator’s daughter who i followed to her house the previous day, walked in with a lightly wrapped small basket. She appeared a bit surprised on seeing Comfort but still maintained her composure as she dropped the basket on my table.
“good morning sir, we forgot wrapping up something for you yesterday. It’s just the anniversary gifts. My mum specially packed this for you” she explained calmly.
“wow do thank your mum for me. I really can’t wait to see what she packed inside, but i guess i will have to save the pleasure till i get home” i said humorously. She shrugged, laughed and left while comfort’s face coloured deeply as she silently watched the drama.
“you know seriously our closeness is getting out of hand. People easily read meaning out of nothing” i quickly scolded her as soon as we were alone once again. She stood up, went to my office entrance door and locked it, forcing me to sprang up with surprise.
“what’s wrong with you?, what do you want?” i asked with a slightly raised tone.
“you know what i want. I’m not after your money nor anything. I want your person not your personality. I want you as my Caleb and not as my Lecturer” she said frankly with no holds barred.
“you are just trying to mess with my head. I know you want something else from me” i breathed.
“what else can i possible want from you apart from a relationship?” she pushed.
“no this is strange, very strange. A girl telling me she loves me?. Oh no it isn’t possible. It never happened when i was a student and single. Surely it can’t be possible” i breathed aloud. She drew closer and wrapped her hands around my neck.
“there isn’t any harm, giving it a trial to confirm my true feelings. Kiss me” she invited provocatively. I stared at her lips and swallowed hard. The temptation was just too great and irresistible but i couldn’t imagine myself getting down with her in my office.
“just a kiss” she invited again.
To be continued

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