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EPISODE:::: 10

“i’m sorry for barging into your office this early but seriously i do have a heavy load in my chest i need to offload” she said with a very light tone. I stared at her curiously, a bit eager to know what she wanted to offload.
“the way you treated me the last time we met was so totally uncalled for. You slept with me, used my body to satisfy yourself and spit at me afterwards. I have been unable to sleep after that incident. I felt so insulted and hurt. I do like you for who you are but i just don’t know anymore. I now feel like an abused girl” she poured out solemnly.
“you know we shouldn’t be having such discussion here at my office. I have lots of things to do” i said carefully, trying my best to act cool. She stood up and breathed deeply.
“so that’s all you are going to tell me right?” she asked with a drawn face, forcing me to look up at her with worry.
“fine we can head to a quiet place far away from the school vicinity to talk about your problem. Come back to my office by 12pm” i said to her. She shrugged, forced out a smile and left.
I breathed deeply and fell back on my chair.
“God what do i do with this girl. How do i settle with her. Thank God she’s a final year student. In a couple of months she will be out of this school and out of my conscience for good” i reasoned.

12 noon came faster than i expected. Comfort showed up at my office at exactly 12:05pm. I quickly closed my office for the day and took her to a small fast food joint at the other end of the town, which was far away from the school.
“seriously i really do regret and apologize the way i treated you two days ago, but you should have expected such behaviour from me. I’m a married man and you can’t understand how badly my conscience hurt after that dastardly act. I really should have helped you and your friend without asking for sexual gratification” i tried explaining to her.
“i do understand but since it has happened, you shouldn’t kill yourself over it, moreover i think i’m in Love with you. I have to tell you the true situation of my heart even though it’s very unusual for an African woman to express her feelings to a man” she poured out seriously. I instantly recoiled with shock.
I couldn’t believe my ears, but as her words buried in me. I slowly smiled.
“of course the easiest way for a woman to get into a man’s head is by professing her love to him. No she doesn’t love me. Perhaps she’s after my money or something else. How can she genuinely fall in love with a married man like me” i reasoned softly.
“you know we shouldn’t be having this discussion. You are trying to get into my head. Hahahaha i know women” i laughed nervously. She calmly placed her hand on mine.
“yea i know what i said sounded quite silly and unrealistic. But seriously after the fun we had some days back. You left with a part of me” she murmured softly.
“ah Mr Ezubuike! Long time, no see. What are you doing here?. It’s been a while you know?” I heard a familiar voice greet me from behind. I instantly looked up to see my wife’s friend smiling at us. I was shocked and speechless.
I really was so engrossed in the discussion i was having with comfort that i failed to notice the woman approach. Of course only a fool won’t notice the suspicious air between Comfort and I. Comfort however quickly took her hand off me, but it made no sense at all because she did it very late….
To be continued.

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