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The tiger that feeds on grass
Should not be expect to be feared
From the blood of the gazelle
Comes the respect of the tiger

The Lion that does not roar
Can’t be the king in the jungle
The hearts that break when the lion arrives
Secures the crown for the lion

The Eagle that has decided to be mild
And to stop killing smaller birds
Will die of hunger
The Eagle’s act of cruelty, is not by choice

The Plantain Tree that refuses
To steal from the soil,will surely die
It is by sucking dry the soil
That the plantain tree lives

For a Gazelle to live,it must learn to run
For a Sparrow to survive, it must learn to hide
The antelope must learn to tremble at the sight of the lion
Rats can’t decide to stand against the cat

The Circle of life is for the brave
The One that takes what he wants
The One that learns to fight and to run
The One that Understands that life isn’t fair

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