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Today killed me
It stabbed me right through the left side of my chest
and stood with my body as i died slowly
Today killed me

Today drowned me
dragged me to the stream against my will
and pinned my head under water against my struggle
today drowned me

Today cut me
Seethed through my feeble body with red-hot iron
And butchered me into pieces even with my wails
Today cut me

Today burnt me
It set up a fire under my body and left me to burn
And built a cage around me so i will not escape
Today burnt me

Today ambushed me
It made me follow my dreams and supported me
Until i was about to succeed and it shot at me rounds of bullets
Today ambushed me

And i am now dead,drop dead
My ashes are fading away
And my body is sinking deep
And i am now dead,drop dead

But i am a phoenix
And i take my pride in rising from my ashes
I live after every time i die
I am a phoenix

By tomorrow’s dawn,i will rise again
A new day,a new life,a new dream
If tomorrow kills me again, i still will rise again
By tomorrow I will rise again

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