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My place is a domain for sadness
But has an appearance of gaiety
An abode for mistakes
But smells sweetly of perfection

My living room glows with joy
My couch is a reliable source of comfort
My walls are adorned with solace
My floor are marbled with succour

My residence is spiced with diverse rooms
My sanctuary is one of contrast religions
My dwelling is one of vivid creativity
An homestead for brillance

Some rooms are occupied with doubt
Some rooms strongly accomodate believe
Some rooms are filled with hysteria
Some others with spontaneity

Some rooms are filled with anger
Some filled with discouragement
While some others shelters love
And some shelters motivation

My kitchen is home to different dishes
Delicious delicacies that can lift or dampen spirits
Soups that can heal and kill
But poison and medicine is prepared within it

My building is a Spectral Shade
My abode is an eerie domicile
Where fear is a chief
And anxiety is the ruler

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