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Her eyes looks better than diamond
Sparkles brighter than gold
I could fall eternally
In the gorgeous abyss of her eyes

Her aura is electrifying
And her presence uplifting
If all sweet fragrances were put in a body
It wouldn’t match her redolence

A day spent with her feels like a minute
A life with her would feel like a day
Her brillance revels in everyword she utters
Her bright wisdom always glows in radiance

Her silvery voice can cure ailments
Her smile can topple kingdoms
She sounds pleasant like the flowing waters
Kings will abandon their kingdoms for her warmth

Even an angel will be jealous
When it sees her beauty
Her skin is smoother than silk
The sight of her legs alone enthuse strongmen

She is stronger than a lion
yet softer than butter
As hot as a coal
yet she is cooler than still waters

She is feral but she is a heroine
Amidst all weakness she gained strength
Amidst all challenges,she found hope

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