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I bring succour and warmth
I bring home and harmony
But don’t call me love
Because i don’t break hearts

I give strength and vigour
I give energy and inspire minds
But don’t call me motivation
Because i don’t die

I am transparent and clean
I am incorrupt and honest
But don’t call me truth
Because i am not weak

I pursue ignorance from minds of men
I teach wisdom and detest slavery
But don’t call me knowledge
because i don’t bow to money

I have been with the ancestors
I have been through the ages
But don’t call me time
Because i don’t destroy

I lead people to war
And still i give abundant peace
I give courage to the fearful
I give strength to the weak
i offer enlightenment to the willing
And i am the stubborn voice inside you
Saying speak,shout,fight
Call me by my name

Spread the love
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