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I have two friends
They always comfort me when the bad happens
and celebrate with me when i am happy

I am the only friend they have
They keep all secrets of mine
they remain loyal everytime

they know all my emotions
even though they cant feel it
they are closer to me than my brother

They would not complain about me
But they help me to know my flaws
and also show me my beauty

they live with me,and fight with me
they struggle with me and die with me
they share the same thoughts with me

they are my shield in war
my comfort in cold
and they don’t desert me when ill

they ignite my fire
they carry my wrath
and also help sharpen my blade

they don’t leave me when everyone does
they keep me from lonely
they make me smile and cry

they are the best friend i know
My pen is my confidant
And my notepad is my companion

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